About Paul

When we talk about Paul the conclusion is he is a funny man. He wore many hats - devoted husband, best dad, wonderful son, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, son-in-law, godson, uncle, godfather, coach. Paul solved problems quickly...he would say, "Go ask Fran."

We hope for his legacy of joke-telling and pranks to carry on with his children. When you went to a party or wedding, you wanted to sit with Paul because you knew you would have good entertainment. I remember when they first met, Fran couldn't stop talking about how gorgeous and funny he was. She was right. Look what came about marriage and kids, two Italian families together. Paul loved his beautiful wife. He gave her and the boys a happy life. We don't understand why God took our funny Guy. He must be walking streets of gold, waiting for our hands to hold.

We have to remember the Lord needs to take the good angels on earth sometimes and give them a job up in heaven. Think of God the father, with Jesus, his son up in heaven and Paul sitting right beside them. We pray that Paul's spirit will touch us with comfort and hope.

We have to have faith to dream of Paul and keep him alive in our hearts. I know his children will talk to him at bed time when they close their eyes and put their hand on their heart and say, "Dad, I got a good report card today. I know you are proud of me." Or "Dad, I made a touchdown. I know you were watching." Or Dad, "Crew came in first place. I know that was you giving us a push." Or when Fran hears Paul's voice saying, "Stop cleaning, and send me up some money. I'm winning at cards," "and make those chocolate layer bars."

Paul's mom would smile when she told of teenage Paul going to live with his aunt Anita and Uncle Paul because he was getting into trouble.

Paul had the patience of a saint, waiting for his wife, only 8 hours late. Paul always thought of his wife and his family. He loved having company and loved-ones around him. He is the special kind of person who would give you the shirt off of his back and then tell you a dirty joke. Paul always gave his heart and soul to his job, his friends, his family, wife and especially his boys. Paul would make you laugh so hard you would laugh and cry at the same time. Paul was the glue that held the brother-in-laws together.

My heart goes out to Yolanda and Sabatino, Tina and Pat, losing a son or brother at a young age is a terrible tragedy. But Paul has big shoulders to cry on, to shed your tears and tell him your fears. Paul loved sports and he was so happy when Tina won an autographed "mound" for him. He was always trying to win signed footballs and sports stuff to give to his boys. Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, Paul made us laugh through it all.

Paul you have found your pastures of green and eternal peace, we know you're waiting for us and your love for us will never cease.

Paul, all of us here today promise to cherish your wife and children and help them and love them as you did. They are your most prized treasures. Giovanna and Theresa and neighbors, what a gift, you are so close.

We thank you, Paul for celebrating your life with us all.

Paul, we miss you, we love you. We blow a kiss up to the sky for you to catch as it goes by.

You will never part from our hearts! You, Paulie, are a Captain!